Guidelines For Controlling Gambling

To solve and overcome a gambling problem, you must have a strong will to change behavior. This section offers you some tips and recommendations to keep the problem at bay.

Tips To Keep Gambling Under Control

Acquiring certain healthy habits, adopting certain attitudes, or making certain rules regarding gambling can help you keep your gambling behavior under control. Some of the following tips may help you.

  • Be honest with your family and friends about how much you play.
  • Put a limit on how much you want to spend on gambling, and stick with it.
  • Limit how much time you want to spend betting on games of chance.
  • Limit the amount of cash you take with you when you bet on games of chance.
  • Leave credit cards, checkbooks (and others) at home.
  • Remember that gambling is an entertainment expense: entertainment costs money, and so does gambling.
  • Remember that the profits are yours: you can put them in your pocket and take them home.
  • Before you start playing, talk to someone for half an hour.
  • Keep track of all money earned and lost.
  • Never play until you have paid the bills.
  • Never ask for money to play games of chance.
  • Don’t play games of chance if you are angry, worried, or depressed.

Whenever you feel the urge to play games of chance and at the same time really don’t want to, you look for someone you trust and can talk to, and you talk about whatever, not necessarily about gambling.

You put some targets for the money you used in the game.

Reward yourselves for all the steps you take in the desired direction.

Don’t try to change everything in a short period of time. It is much better to take small steps in the right direction, than not to seek immediate and radical changes. You honestly reflect on your gambling behavior.

Money Control

The consequences that pathological gambling has on the personal and family economy of the player can be serious. That’s why it’s important to take steps to regain control of your finances. Here are some tips for gamers and their families.

For Gamers: Control Debt

Take responsibility for your financial situation. Make a proposal to the creditors and commit to pay the outstanding debt, establishing a plan. This will help your finances and also rebuild self-esteem.

Don’t try to play to solve your financial problems.

Get more work, if necessary, to occupy your free time: it will help you avoid another chance to play. It may be a take, but in the long term it will be good for your financial situation and it will make you feel better.

Designate someone you trust to take care, at least temporarily, of your debit and credit cards, and of your checkbooks; or destroy them.

Protect your assets by transferring ownership in the name of your spouse or partner. Make it take two signatures to get money, instead of just yours. A financial advisor can help you in the process.

Avoid collecting and paying in cash: you direct your payroll and invoices to your checking account.

Limit the amount of cash available, in general.

Seek professional help from specialists in pathological gambling and specialists in financial management.

For Relatives: Protect The Money

Be at the end of the street from all the money that is spent and owed.

Protect assets. You consider changing bank accounts, mortgages and other assets in a way that the player cannot access. A financial advisor can help you in the process.

You negotiate control of the management of family finances. You try to take responsibility for the player’s credit and debit cards. Give them money only for daily necessities until the situation improves.

Seek professional help, both for financial advice and emotional support.

Change Behavior

Changing behavior is never easy, but it can be done. One of the keys is to do it step by step, without trying to change everything at once.

Signs Of Relapse

It is important that you can identify a relapse when it is happening. Only if you realize it can you choose a different and healthy option.

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